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Timetech has a rich history of manufacturing with more than thirty years of experience in precision equipment technologies. Our continuing research, design & development in reliable, precision works will result in improving quality of spares & accessories while reducing your costs.

Offshore Manufacturing Services

We can extend our services and act as an extension of your engineering and manufacturing team to produce high quality spares & accessories, serviceable parts using Low Cost resources. Timetech's offshore manufacturing services select and manage the manufacturing supply chain to produce the parts with desired quality and cost. We can provide further cost reduction through value engineering and facilitate logistics and all customer interactions.

Research, Design and Engineering

Timetech provides exceptional design and engineering services for subsystem, Spares & Accessory Development and can scale according to the requirements of the clients. We manage the entire process from design through production, quality control and shipping.

Advantages of working with Timetech

  • Increase productivity & innovation by free the core team of engineers from mundane activities
  • Reduced cost & increased time to market with Timetech's highly efficient resources
  • Cost effective and quick creation of product variants through an optimized design process, best practices and leveraging design reuse and standardizing design data and modular design practices.
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